Dreams Build Our Faith

I was reading the other day an article that Rick Warren wrote about faith. He said,

“Faith is like a muscle: it can be strengthened. It can be weak or it can be strong, depending on how much you use it. How does God build your faith? The first thing God does to build your faith is give you a dream. When God wants to work in your life, He’ll always give you a dream – about yourself, about what He wants you to do, about how He’s going to use your life to impact the world. How do you know when a dream is from God or when it’s just something you’ve thought up yourself? If a dream comes from God, it will be so big in your life that you can’t do it on your own. If you could do it on your own, you wouldn’t need faith. God starts with a dream as He works within your life to build faith.”

As I read this article, it just reinforced a lot of the things that I have been reflecting on in the last few weeks. Throughout my short lifetime, I am amazed at how God is so committed in building up my faith. He has used difficulties, delays and decisions that have caused me to trust in Him more than anything or anyone else.

But then, after reading this article, I realized that God has also used dreams to build up my faith. Back in 1996, when the thought of first planting a church on a college campus came up, I thought it was crazy (so did everyone else). It was a journey of faith. When the thought of planting other churches on other college campuses came up, I thought it was crazy; but it was a journey of faith. When God put the dream of planting our first international church, it seemed absurd, but it was a journey of faith.

There are countless number of other “dreams” that God has placed in my heart – some of them had to be sifted through and purified, while others are still in the infancy stage. Dreams can be a scary thing, but if we understand that God wants to use it to build up our faith, then we will see it in a whole new way.

What are you dreaming about? Maybe it is God’s way of building faith in you.

“Attempt something so impossible that unless God is in it, it’s doomed to failure.” [John Haggai]

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