Our Step of Faith

Today has finally arrived. Pretty much, Christina and I stayed up all-night trying to finish up last minute cleaning and packing (well, it was more because of my stuff).

As we got picked up to go to the airport, Christina and I did a double check to make sure that we did not leave anything. For a brief moment, in the empty living room, I started to get a bit nostalgic. I was going through a wide range of emotions. In that empty house I felt as if we just arrived to Ann Arbor, but then again, we were leaving for one year to Jakarta.

It is hard to describe but it was a pretty weird feeling.

When we got to the airport and checked in our luggage, we were blessed to see so many of our HMCC members coming out to say goodbye. Many of them took time out from their busy schedules as well as their lunch hour to drop by and say bye.

After they all prayed for us, it was time to go. It was hard saying goodbye to everyone, even though we were going to be back in one year. We truly do have an awesome church filled with some awesome people.

More to come… in this journey of faith for our family.

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