Christmas in Chicago 12.24.08

It’s been a great 2.5 days in Chicago so far. We are staying at my parents’ place; and my parents are just ecstatic that they can see their grandchildren.

Whenever we come to Chicago, we fill our time by reconnecting with our families and friends, visiting special spots around Chicago that are fun, and eating at key restaurants and food joints that we do not have in Ann Arbor.

So far, it has been good hanging out with the family. Today, Christina and I spend some time alone for a chunk of the afternoon – oh, the blessings of having grandparents 🙂

Tomorrow for Christmas we will stop by Christina’s younger brother’s place to have lunch with some of her family members. Then in the evening, we are going over to my cousin’s place to hang out with my side of the family for dinner. It is going to be busy!

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