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As I was getting my daily dose of news and other tidbits from the internet, I came across the religion section in USA Today. There was an article on the newly released Green Bible. I guess one of the cool things about this Bible is that it lives out what it is promoting. The passages that talk about the environment and nature is highlighted in green ink. The pages of the Bible was written with soy ink on recycled paper and bound in eco-friendly linen. Wow… talk about consistency!

In the myriad of Bibles that are now focused on particular theme (i.e. Leadership Bible, Women’s Bible, Life Application Bible, and etc), the Green Bible is helpful for those people who are environmentally conscious.

I was thinking that this will be a great way to reach out to people, who are environmentalist and might not normally open up a Bible, but who might be willing to check it out because the presentation of God’s Word is connecting with them. Sometimes packaging is very important.

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