A Rare Treat

I was able to spend the whole evening with the family on a Friday night! This is one of the few times in the 12 year history of our church. Normally, I would have to be at our Friday night gathering, but we had the LIFE Groups hang out together.

This freed me up and we decided to grab some dinner and watch a movie together. At first Christina wasn’t too hot about the idea since the movie started at 9:05PM (definitely way beyond the kids’ bed time). But something that I realized over the years is that memories are created with the kids when we are able to do spontaneous things – so she gave in!

We headed out to Ann Arbor’s very own Zingerman’s Roadhouse (they have one of the best hamburger around), then watched the newly released movie, Igor. I love these Pixar-sque movies that are fun for the kids and hilarious for the parents and how they have a good message.

The best part of all this was that it was free! We received gift certificates for Zingerman’s, as well as for the movie theaters. Our family loves gift certificates! It is a good teaching moment for the kids. They are beginning to understand that we are able to do a lot of things because of other people’s generosity, which is a great blessing… and hopefully in the future, they will understand that those who are blessed, are blessed in order to become a blessing to others.

They slept well tonight.

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