We Finally Have a Home

We had a great inaugural celebration yesterday! It was exciting to see all the people come into the sanctuary of the Transformation Center. Seeing their reaction on their faces was awesome. It was quite a testimony that we were able to get everything ready for the celebration. The contractor told us that what would have taken 3 months to finish everything, we were able to do it in one month. It is a testimony to God’s grace and favor.

As I was reflecting on this, I couldn’t help but to think about the Book of Nehemiah and how the people of God came together to do something that many people said could not be done (rebuild the walls of Jerusalem). But they had a great vision and a great God who strengthen them and helped them through. This is our testimony as well – we have a great and awesome God who empowered ordinary people like us to do something that could not have been humanly done.

In fact there were some people who stayed up all night to get things ready. Even when I went in to check on the progress late Saturday night (Sunday early morning), there were so many people there still cleaning and working on the set up for the service. It really blessed me to see everyone getting involved and giving their time and energy to make the dream a reality. This is why I love pastoring this church… our members are one of a kind!

During the celebration, after my message, I had people write out a prayer for their application. We wanted our prayers to be the foundation for the T-Center to be used for God’s glory. Therefore, after collecting all the prayer cards, the Board of Directors and the Executive Team gathered later in the day to place it in the ground as a symbolic gesture. We then prayed together and asked God to use the prayers to be the foundations for our church now and into the future.

We believe that God is going to use the Transformation Center to ripples out to the nations.
T-Center Finished.JPG
It was T-minus 3 hours before the doors opened at 9:30AM
Sowing Prayers - Pastors Digging.JPG
The pastors and I made the first dig
Sowing Prayers - Christina.jpg
Christina played such a vital role in the renovations and also lifting up all her prayers
Sowing Prayers - Explanation.jpg
I was explaining the significance of all the prayers that was locked up in the box
Sowing Prayers - Placing the Prayers.jpg
The pastors and I placing the prayer box

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