Kids’ Are Back in School

Yesterday, the kids started school for this new year. Even though they had a half day, the reality of going back on a tight schedule hit all of us. The summer fun has ended and now we are back in business with academics and their other extra curricular activities.

After this week, Karissa will even be in school for the full day as she starts Kindergarten. Christina and I have been talking about how things will change even for us because she will now have more time to do other things. It is amazing how Christina was able to hold off on a lot of her dreams so that other people can achieve theirs – she has made a tremendous sacrifice.

Now we are talking about having more frequent morning dates with exercising together, a breakfast, and just spending time together. She has also mentioned about studying some more, volunteering or even getting a part-time job. I told her to take it easy and slow. The woman is truly excited! And I am so happy for her. It is really a new stage of our lives.

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