HMCC of Austin’s Inaugural Celebration

I was encouraged to see what God was doing in Austin. The inaugural celebration went well. The whole team did a great job of getting everything ready. Even though it was a hectic morning in trying to get everything ready, they were able to assemble things together and get the service underway.

It was also encouraging to see some of our alumni who lived in various places in Texas (San Antonio, Brownsville, and Houston) come down to join us for the inaugural service. Seeing them there was a blessing to the whole team.

There were two things that reminded me of the importance of our calling down in Austin. First of all, I was amazed to see how many pre-Christians came out to the celebration. Some of the teammates have already built some relationships with the people and they were open to coming out to church. The exciting part of all this is that when they become Christ-followers, we will be able to lay down a fresh foundation and help them to grow in the Lord.

The second thing that encouraged me was that there were many international students there – some were from China, Malaysia, Korea, and Japan – and others were minorities from various racial backgrounds. It seems like God is working consistently with what we are seeing in the other campus churches.

With the momentum that they have right now, I am looking forward to all the things that God is going to do down there. God is Faithful.
Inaugural Celeb - Ben Preaching.JPG
Pastor Ben preaching the Word from Joshua 4
Inaugural Celeb - Matt Sharing.JPG
Matt shared a powerful testimony of transformation. He even wore a Transformers t-shirt for the occasion.

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