Not Pretty Enough for the Olympics

There was an interesting fact that surfaced right after the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The little Chinese 9 year old girl, Lin Miaoke that sang the Chinese patriotic song for the ceremonies really did not sing the song! She was lip-syncing to the voice of another 7 year old Chinese girl, Yang Peiyi.

Now, some of us might be thinking that gone are the days of Milli Vanilli. But this Olympic story has a sad tagline: “If you are not pretty enough, then no matter how good your voice is you do not make the cut.”

The chief music director for the opening ceremony in an interview explained, “The audience will understand that it’s in the national interest.” Hmm… national interest? As many of you know, I love a lot of things about the Asian culture, but when things like this happen, it makes me really wonder.

But I don’t think it is just an Asian culture thing. It really has to do a lot with a human heart thing.

In all the pomp and glitter of hosting their first-ever Olympics, they have forgotten that some things will pass away but the message that was communicated to the little girl will remain.

I don’t if I am being way too sensitive about this because I have a little girl, but all I know is that there are so many women who struggle with their self-worth and their self-image. It is more heartbreaking when I see it in the Church.

I love what the music director said – “The national interest requires that the girl should have good looks and a good grasp of the song and look good on screen. Lin Miaoke was the best in this. And Yang Peiyi’s voice was the most outstanding.” HA! Man, we want it all, don’t we?

So Miaoke became an instant hit (b/c of her looks and her fake voice), while Peiyi remains unknown to the international world.

A China Central Television reporter asked Peiyi whether she was saddened by the opening ceremony situation; and it was reported that Peiyi responded by saying that just having her voice used for the opening ceremony was an honor. Wow! I am praying that in about 10 years she will rock the world.

I am hoping for the day when people will go beyond the externals and see what is inside.

You can read the whole story here.
2008 Beijing - Yang Peiyi.jpg      2008 Beijing - Lin Miacke.jpg
            Yang Peiyi, the voice                                 Lin Miaoke, the look

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