Josiah’s 11th B-Day

We, as a family had fun today celebrating Josiah’s 11th birthday. In line with our family tradition Josiah picked a restaurant he wanted to go to and an activity that he wanted to do. You know that a kid has acquired and developed a taste for good food when he requests paella for his birthday. We went to one of the best places in metro Detroit.

As we were eating, we all went around did our tradition thing of having each of the family members go around and share something about the birthday person. We usually share how and why our lives are blessed to have the birthday person in our lives.

Then for an activity, Josiah picked watching The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian on the big screen. Elliot tried really hard to convince Josiah to do something more active like video game at Chuck E. Cheese or glow golf. But Josiah decided on Prince Caspian. I think having finished reading the books in the Narnia series helped spark a desire to see the movie.

By the time we finished everything and heading out on the long trek back to Ann Arbor, it was late. Christina and I washed up the kids and quickly put them to sleep. I think it was a great day for Josiah.
JoJo's Presents.JPG
We opened Josiah’s present first and then headed out for dinner
JoJo's 12th Cake.JPG
Josiah is about to enjoy his dessert

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