April 2008 HMCC Highlights for Alumni

Even after this trip out S.E. Asia, I was reminded about the importance of being connected to the network of relationships that God sovereignly brought together. In every single stop that we have made (from Singapore, Hong Kong to Jakarta) it was great reconnecting with people who shared a common experience – transformation at HMCC!

We know that every year, as more people graduate and get placed in various parts of the world, there will be a greater network of relationships and friendships. It is always encouraging to hear what God is doing in various parts of the world.

Every month we try to publish “HMCC Highlights” so that people, who are physically gone from Ann Arbor but still want to be connected with what is going on here will be able to do so through this medium. We give updates, praise and highlights on the months “happenings.” We, also try to highlight one alumnus a month.

If you are not on the e-mail list then please contact us. We would love for some of you to give an update on your life (i.e. marriage, work, transformation testimonies, etc).

Here is the most recent update with the Easter 2008 weekend and our alumni spotlight… click here.

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