Dissertation Writing In Boston

I arrived in Boston yesterday in the evening. I am going to spend this whole week writing some portions of my dissertation for my doctor of ministry degree that I am trying to finish at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Not too long ago, I felt a great burden to hurry up and finish this paper. A lot of what I am going to write about will give direction for future things in our church. Sometimes there are so many different thoughts floating around in my mind, but until I can capture them and write it down, they will be just be passing thoughts.

Once I put some of my thoughts into writing, I am confident that some of the things that we are trying to do at HMCC will make more sense. God is giving me greater revelation for how church planting (both nationally and internationally), the Student Volunteer Movement, college campuses, transformasphere, and global evangelization are all fitting together. It is exciting!

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