2007 UG Retreat Update

Last two nights at the retreat have been a Spirit-filled time where we have been worshipping and seeking the Lord together. There is something special about being together with close to 200 college students in a place – the praise is a little bit livelier, the prayers are a little bit louder, and people are a little bit larger (in their hearts).

Out of all the UG retreats that we have had in our church this would be up there as one of the better ones. I think it was a combination of a lot of different things. We were more desperate. There was a great sense of anticipation for this retreat… something I have not felt for a long time.

Tonight the Spirit of God fell in our gathering. We were released to cry out to God, as we prayed for God’s power to manifest in our midst. We end up lifting up some crazy prayer, not only for ourselves but for our church. Sometimes we receive not because we ask not.

We also learned a new HMCC word that we will probably hear more often from this point on: BOO YAG!

If you don’t know what that means, ask an undergraduate 🙂

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