Human Depravity

I am being more assured about the Christian doctrine of the depravity of humankind that the Reformers so eloquently described for us throughout history. There are some articles online for you to read by R.C. Sproul, John Piper, and Jonathan Edwards.

Yesterday, on Karissa’s last day of school, I dropped her off and walked inside with her. In the morning it was a bit chilly so she wore a cute little jean jacket (she was styling). I took off the jacket and hung it on the hanger outside her classroom. Then I kiss her and said goodbye.

Then I get a phone call several hours later from Christina asking me if I knew where her jacket was. What the…

I was absolutely positive that I left it on the hanger outside the classroom.

The only conclusion is that someone saw the jacket… coveted it… and then took it.

Did I tell you that it is a Christian school?

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