BBQ Time

As the weather is getting nicer, our family decided to have a bar-b-que tonight. I always have the honor of cooking on the grill. The kids think it just tastes better when daddy cooks it 🙂 When I don’t have to speak on a Friday night, it gives me more time to spend with the […]

Human Depravity

I am being more assured about the Christian doctrine of the depravity of humankind that the Reformers so eloquently described for us throughout history. There are some articles online for you to read by R.C. Sproul, John Piper, and Jonathan Edwards. Yesterday, on Karissa’s last day of school, I dropped her off and walked inside […]

Signs of Stagnation

In 1980’s Erwin M. Soukup compiled a list in which he calls “The Seven Steps to Stagnation.” By now, some of these statements are very familiar in the corporate world, as well as in many organizations that are trying to bring change. The 7 steps are:      1) We’ve never done it that way before.      2) […]

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