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This week has been a weird week so far. Just in the last couple of days, there have been several tragedies to hit the Michigan community. First, the sudden death of Rhonda Hart, Detroit’s Christian radio personality on WMUZ sent shockwaves within the Christian community.

Secondly, a team of University of Michigan Health System died when their plane crashed in Lake Michigan. The two surgeons, two donor specialists and two pilots were on a mission to receive an organ from Milwaukee and to bring it back to University of Michigan for a transplant operation. Their stories caught national headlines and more of the facts were disseminated on the University of Michigan webpage.

Once in awhile in my morning commutes, I would listen to the “John and Rhonda Morning Show.” Rhonda had a love for life and her compassion was expressed through her comments on the radio.

I also found out that some of the people on the plane that crashed were believers and one of the organ specialist’s daughter went to Elliot’s and Josiah’s school.

In light of all these death’s, albeit that I did not know them personally, made me think about how life is short and we do not know when God will call us home.

This is the challenge for all of us – “Are we living today as if it is our last?”

How will people remember us?

It has always been said that you can always tell how a person lived their life by their funeral.

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