Running Club

In the boys’ school, they have a running club where the kids have a choice of going to their 2nd recess in the afternoon or participate in the running club. Both, Josiah and Elliot, decided to participate. Anyone who ran over 100 miles for the 2006-2007 school year got a trophy. Elliot and Josiah were […]

Through the Generations of the Kim Family

Today, I went to one of Karissa’s teacher’s retirement party. Mrs. McDonough has been teaching the pre-primary Montessori class for 15+ years. She and Mrs. Duneske (the other teacher) have been teaching together for 15 years. They were Josiah’s teachers as well as Elliot’s. It was pretty awesome to see students and families that had […]

Our Readiness

This week has been a weird week so far. Just in the last couple of days, there have been several tragedies to hit the Michigan community. First, the sudden death of Rhonda Hart, Detroit’s Christian radio personality on WMUZ sent shockwaves within the Christian community. Secondly, a team of University of Michigan Health System died […]

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