Josiah’s Michigan Extravaganza

Two presentations in two days – I guess towards the end of the school year they like doing presentations. Josiah’s class presented “unique things” about the state of Michigan. Each of the students had to do research about some aspect of Michigan’s history. Josiah decided to choose the Underground Railroad, which helped to free the slaves from the South.

After their presentations, we had the opportunity to sample various foods that are made from Michigan – Vernor’s Ginger Ale, Mackinac Fudge, pasties and a lot of things with cherries.

Then the students did a skit that had readings, songs, and dance. Josiah and all the boys did a rap, while some sang songs about Michigan to familiar tunes. It was a great treat to see Josiah having fun and learning more about the unique contributions of Michiganders.

Detroit, Michigan is known for being the Motor City, therefore it was awesome to see a 1908 Buick car in the parking lot of Josiah’s school. The owner ended up giving all the kids a ride (it still runs!).
Buick Ride.jpg
Josiah was able to get a ride on the 1908 Buick
Josiah and Me in Buick.jpg
This has to truly be one of the first convertibles
JoJo Rapping.jpg
Move over Eminem

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