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This past Tuesday the staff and I evaluated the sermons series we just finished. As some of you have been noticing, I have been trying to go with the “one point” approach and build the one point with various personal applications. I have been measuring some of my effectiveness by seeing how many people can remember the “one thing” and also some of the application. After asking the staff if they remembered the one thing, I realized I have more work to do 🙂

It was helpful to get their honest feedback. We put all our egos aside because it is about the building God’s Church. It is awesome to work with people who want to see more people enter into God’s Kingdom and see them live radical lives as a Christ-follower.

This Sunday we are starting a new series called, “Sketches.” Some of the greatest ideas and inspirations throughout history have come through rough sketches. The beauty of sketches is that it just gives us a glimpse of the final product. When Jesus came into this world, he had the vision of His Kingdom in sight but the people had a hard time seeing it. Therefore, He used parables (stories) to help people get a visual of what He saw.

The sketches of God’s Kingdom will give us a greater anticipation of the masterpiece that is to come.

Don’t forget to invite a friend to share in the blessings.

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