Mother’s Day 2007

Christina and I woke up at 3:30AM on Sunday early morning to get ready for our 6AM flight. I was in a dilemma – I knew if I slept that I would never get up, therefore I ended up staying up for most of the night. We were originally planning on having a Mother’s Day breakfast before Sunday Celebration but due to our travels and the time of our breakfast reservation, we decided to just do lunch.

As we were recognizing the mothers at Sunday Celebration, I got a little bit choked up as I was recognizing my mom. I realized that she has played a big part in my life. She has always been sacrificial, selfless, and steadfast. She is one of the most incredible women on the face of this earth.

Our whole family went out for lunch, and then I ended up driving my parents back to Chicago. Within one hour into the drive my mom told me to pull over because she noticed that I was tired. I don’t know if it was her prophetic gifts or just a mother’s instincts 🙂

After driving my parents home, I headed out to HMCC of Chicago to speak.

What a weekend!

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