Worship Celebration in Chicago

It was encouraging yesterday to be part of the Sunday Celebration without having to preach a sermon. I took a break trying to get ready for the Naked series. Pastor Jimmy preached on the importance of our mind and how it needs to be transformed by God.

This was our second week in Fisk Hall right on the Northwestern campus. We can definitely feel this being our home base for awhile since there is room to grow. But we have to remember to never be completely comfortable. If the Spirit of God moves and we outgrow this place, we will have to start looking for a new auditorium.

I was just thinking about what the Israelites must have felt when they had to constantly move from one place to another. Can you imagine all the time it took to build and erect the camp and then only to tear it down and move again to another place? Then they would hit the repeat button.

We are definitely building momentum in Chicago. It is truly a God-thing and we give Him all the glory. We are even praying about several other campuses in the Chicago area. The potential is great here with all the various campuses in this city.

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