Fussing Women

I was driving around in my parents’ car as I was going to a meeting today and I just happened to be scanning through the various Chicago radio station channels. I came across a hip-hop station that was talking about women who “fuss” in the home – translation: women who nag and give men a […]

Youth Group Days

As I look back to my youth pastor’s days, I have a lot of fond memories. I remember how amazed I was that I would get paid for playing basketball and just hanging out with the kids. I guess all the times that I paid for their meals it all balanced out 🙂 This morning […]

Worship Celebration in Chicago

It was encouraging yesterday to be part of the Sunday Celebration without having to preach a sermon. I took a break trying to get ready for the Naked series. Pastor Jimmy preached on the importance of our mind and how it needs to be transformed by God. This was our second week in Fisk Hall […]

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