BJ’s & Taboo

Right after the Sunday Celebration in Chicago, I met up with a small group from Ann Arbor. One of small group leaders made an appointment awhile back wanting me to meet up with his small group. Since it is Spring Break for UM students, his small groups came out to Chicago to hang out.

We ate some the famous Buffalo Joe’s chicken wings and we had a mini Q&A. We talked about everything ranging from theology to my proposal to Christina. It was fun.

Then we closed out the night with a game of Taboo. Since the girls were down one person, I ended up teaming up with the sisters. I knew we were in trouble when some of the words I got were Boris Yeltsin and Rod Stewart. After the time was up, I asked them, “Do you guys even know who they are?” Their response – “Uh, no!” I think it was a generational thing. Obviously, we lost the game… haha!

It was good just connecting with the Freshmen and Sophomores in our church. It reminded me of my college days. It also made me feel young again and old at the same time!

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