Lenten Season for the Kim Family

The family and I spent some time together today. In our discussions, we talked about Lent (it started today). It has been something that we have been observing together ever since Josiah was old enough to understand what it was about.

In fact, I have wrestled with the dilemma of letting kids observe Lent at such a young age. The last thing I want is my kids growing up to be legalist. But as we shared it more from a worship perspective, we saw our kids wanting to honor God through it.

We went around and shared some of the things that we wanted to “fast” from in order to prepare for Easter. In fact, it was pretty humbling to see some of the things that the kids wanted to lent from… they understand that it will be a sacrifice for them.

All in all, we all made a covenant with one another – to help each other and to keep each other accountable. I was thinking that the kids will have no problem keeping me accountable. I might have to teach them about giving grace when someone slips up once in awhile 🙂

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