Christmas Show in January?

Yep… you got that right! Josiah’s and Elliot’s school Christmas show was suppose to be held on December 22nd, but there was a power outage on the night of the show; therefore it had to be postponed. I am guessing enough kids complained and the administration decided to have it after the winter break.

The gym was packed with family and friends. The students did an excellent job.

I guess every parent feels this sense of pride and joy as they see their kids performing in front of the audience.

I think every kid was looking out into the audience to find where their parents were sitting. When Josiah and Elliot came out from their classrooms, they were looking for us. Once we made eye contact, we waved at them – and they waved back.

I have wondered what goes through kids minds as they see their parents waving back at them with a smile… definitely a sense of affirmation, security and confidence.

How many times did God wave back at us as we were looking out for Him in the crowd?

Here are some pictures:
Elliott and the Maraca .jpg
Elliott getting ready to play the maraca
Josiah playing xylophone.jpg
Josiah volunteered to play the xylophone… it is encouraging to know that music comes naturally to him.
Josiah Dancing.jpg
Joisah’s grade did a semi-dance with their song… thank God that the kids’ DDR is helping
Christmas Show.jpg
The closing presentation with all the kids singing together

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