Planning for Thanksgiving

The only place open right now for free wireless is Panera Bread (my 3rd office). Our family will be heading out to Christina’s brother’s place for Thanksgiving. We are going to have both sides of the family gather together for the Thanksgiving meal. Sometimes it is so hard to plan out for a simple meal, but it is part of the ball game of trying to gather so many people together.

Christina and I have also talked about getting up early in the morning for the “doorbuster” sales in some of these large commercial stores to do our Christmas shopping. We have heard from another pastor’s family that in order to do it right, we have to plan early and plan well. Christina and I were thinking about doing a “recon mission” and checking out the place first, then we can come up with a game plan 🙂

But reality might hit – after all the food and tiredness from the Thanksgiving dinner, I might be swayed to stay in bed rather than get up at 4AM.

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