Part 2 of the Naked Series

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I realized that when it comes to participating in people’s freedom, Satan will attack from all fronts. Satan can even use people who are closest to you to discourage you or distract you. This is why we have to have God’s perspective on things. It is too easy to turn to our flesh and allow the evil one to gain a greater stronghold.

In the next several weeks, we are going to talk about some heavy topics. Often times, topics such as addictions, pornography, lust or shame are not seriously addressed in churches; hence more people continue to live in bondage and do not live out their God given purpose. We want to have a spirit of humility, love and grace as we approach these topics. Whenever truth is presented in love and grace, there is always a sense of hope. Please continue to pray for to work powerfully in people’s lives.

I was so encouraged to see so many people respond to last week’s message on duplicity. Many raised their hand in want to come clean before God and live congruent lives in God’s will. We are going to continue in our Naked Series with Part 2: “Addictions.” I want to remind all of you of the various resources that we have on the Naked Series website.

One of our church members told me this week that last Sunday they invited a co-worker to the Naked series. At first, he was not sure how they would enjoy the celebration. But after talking with her and her husband, he told me that the whole service moved them. It is encouraging to hear these kinds of testimony of God working in people’s lives, especially those that are being invited by our church members to experience God’s blessings.

Let’s continue to partner together to bring the Gospel to as many people as possible and to see as many people as possible getting set free!

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