Don’t Forget to Vote

Since I will be out of the country next Tuesday, I went into the courthouse today and voted in an absentee ballot. This is a mid-election year, but there is a lot at stake in the State of Michigan. There are many Proposals that are trying to pass this year therefore we have to speak up.

Some reflections:

1) There are a lot of people who sacrificed their lives throughout history to give us this privilege and right to vote in our country. It wouldl be irresponsible of us, as U.S. citizens if we fail to vote.

2) Even though sometimes I think to myself – “how can one vote (my vote) make a difference?” But then I think about many elections that were decided by several votes. I want to make a difference.

3) The way I voted on issues and candidates when I was younger is a bit different from the way I vote now, especially with my family and kids in the picture. I realized that there are a lot of candidates and “proposals” that are not very family friendly. I have to speak up for my children.

4) It is easy to label a certain candidate due to their party affiliation, but we need to judge the worth by how convicted they are about their stance. Not all Democrats are liberal and not all Republicans are conservative.

5) It is important to be informed on the issues and candidates’ stance on issues before voting. There is just too much at stake – do not guess or just go with party affiliation.

Don’t forget to vote this Tuesday, November 7th.

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