BBQ and Princesses

Yesterday we had some of the leaders over to our place for a barbeque. As our church continues to grow, it is getting harder to know even the leaders in our church. By inviting a smaller group of people over to our home, the family and I are able to connect with them in a greater way. They also have the opportunity to see me in a different setting. Sometimes seeing a person up on a stage can create what I call “a DUMB picture” of the person. DUMB? – “Distorted, Unrealistic, Misunderstood, and Bogus” picture of the person. I hope the picture became a little bit clearer 🙂

We were all amused when Karissa brought her princess dress and all her shoes downstairs. She ended up giving us a fashion show. As I was watching her, I was thinking to myself… “I guess the shoes and the dress thing starts at an early age for the girls.” Then, we decided to figure out who were all the “tom-boys” and “princesses” amongst the women in the group… very interesting to say the least.

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