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Default Mode Decisions

Today a realization came to me. I realized that there are so many people that live their lives in the default mode (I catch myself doing it all the time). The dictionary defines, “default” as: a) Failure to act; inaction or neglect; b) Failure to perform a task or fulfill an obligation; c) Failure to […]

HMCC’s Mighty Men

I am reminded of King David’s mighty men in the Bible. In 2 Samuel 23, we get a glimpse of these men – they were warriors. In our culture today, we have feminized men in such a way that we are not living up to our destiny. There are times when we are afraid to […]

Teary Trailer

This is the only movie trailer in my lifetime that made my eyes misty. I don’t know what the movie critics have said about this movie, but I love movies that are based on true stories, especially stories that highlight how one person transformed the world. Opening day is tomorrow. I am pumped!

Marquee Encouragement

We are in the 2nd day of the 626 Mandate prayer movement. I have been so encouraged when it is my turn to pray. When I log on to the 626 Mandate website there are people’s names and the churches they are from that scroll across the bottom. It is like a marquee announcing that […]

Open Doors at NU

It has been a 7 month process, but God has finally answered our prayers! We have been trying to get recognized as a student group at Northwestern University, so that we can have our regular meetings on the university campus. After a lot of delays and paperwork, we are going to finally have our first […]

A Windy Day

Today it is estimated that the winds would be blowing up to about 30+ mph. If the weather was warmer it would be a great day to fly a kite! As I was outside for a little bit, I couldn’t help but to think about the passage in John 3 where Jesus says, “’I tell […]

Lenten Season for the Kim Family

The family and I spent some time together today. In our discussions, we talked about Lent (it started today). It has been something that we have been observing together ever since Josiah was old enough to understand what it was about. In fact, I have wrestled with the dilemma of letting kids observe Lent at […]

Rain Capital’s Dream to Reality

I just received news from the guys of Rain Capital, LLC that they were recently awarded a $1,500 “Dare to Dream” Grant from the Zell Lurie Institute. They entered their proposal under Rain Distributors and now they will have the opportunity to invest the money into some of the projects that were discussed. These guys […]

Foggy Day

This morning as I was driving the kids to school, it was difficult to see the road. In fact, I was only able to see about 30 yards in front of me. It was a little bit dangerous but we made it ok. Then I started to think about fog. It is amazing to think […]

626 Mandate Launch Service

Even though our time together was short, we were able to pray with fervor and focus. I was especially encouraged to see many of the single adults, who had work the next morning come out to pray. There are things in life to reveal the condition of our physical health (more of our overestimation of […]

E-Mail Bondage

Did you read CNN’s article about e-mail addiction? You can read it here. This is becoming more of a problem not only in the corporate world but also in the church world, especially amongst pastors and church leaders. I don’t even want to calculate the number of hours I spend daily in responding to people’s […]

626 Mandate Begins Tonight

The prayer mandate starts tonight at 11:30PM EST. I am hoping to see many of you at our kick-off service even though it is a bit late for some of the working people. Here are some quotes on prayer: “If you are not praying, then one of two things is true: You do not believe […]

Signing up for 626 Mandate

In about 24 hours, we will be launching our 2nd 626 Mandate. As we start the prayer movement on the start of Lent (this coming Wednesday), we are hoping that God will do some great things through our prayers. We will conclude the whole 40+ of prayer on Easter. Since it is a 24/7 prayer […]

Purdue College Retreat Update 2

We finished off the retreat well. There is a whole generation of college students that are willing to use their degrees and talents for the building of God’s Kingdom. It was encouraging to see many of these Purdue students surrender their futures to the Lord. I was particularly encouraged by one student who came up […]

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