This is Courage

  When we are in a comfortable and familiar territory, it is easy to think that we are living radically. But the reality is that we can only measure the true level of our courage when we are in enemy territory facing hostile conditions. Sometimes we can be fooled into thinking that we are living […]

Do I Need to Grow Up?

  Photo from       Clayton and Charie King wrote a book called, “12 Questions to Ask Before You Marry.” In this book they give a basic list of things (i.e. attitudes, behaviors, reactions, etc) to help determine the level of maturity when it comes to emotional, spiritual, social and financial health. They […]

Think Different

  The world was never transformed by people who followed the crowd or went with the status quo. The world has been shaped (and will probably always be shaped) by people who think differently. For some reason, they listen to a different drum beat. This is the reason why the early church that we see […]

New Encounter 2011

  From HMCC Publication Team       We are starting another season of ministry to the college students at University of Michigan. God is doing some amazing things and we are just joining Him for the ride. With this new crop of students, we are praying that they will experience God in a powerful […]

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