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All the HMCC churches try to do at least two sermon series together within a year in order to have unity across all the different sites. Several months ago, the global pastors and I spent some time trying to decide on our Easter sermon series. The more we talked, the more we wanted to keep things simple and point everything back to Christ. Therefore, we decided on a series called, “Jesus Is.” We will look at various traits of Christ, as He is portrayed in the Gospels. We will study how Jesus is powerful, compassionate, and forgiving. Then we will close out the series on Easter with “Jesus is here.”

It is fascinating how there are trained people to detect counterfeit currency. They train through countless number of hours to touch and be familiarized with real currency. In this way, they can detect a counterfeit instantly. So often, Christ-followers are swayed by counterfeit things of this world. The only way we are going to know the difference between the real thing and the fake is to encounter Christ in a personal and powerful way. As we discover more of who Jesus is, we will be able to know if something is a counterfeit to what Christ offers to us.

It is my hope and prayer that through this series, our church will be able to fall in love with Christ in a fresh and deeper way. As we experience more of Jesus’ power, compassionate, forgiveness and presence, our desire to live out His purposes will increase. I can’t wait for the life transformation that will happen throughout this series.

Join us either in person or via video sermon.

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