Reflections from Ann Arbor 3.15.10

When I arrived in Ann Arbor, I shared with some people that I experienced something that I never felt before. Back in November, when I first landed in Ann Arbor, I felt as if I came back “home.” It was a great feeling. But for some reason, this time around, when we were driving to Ann Arbor from the airport, it felt so surreal. I didn’t know where I was. It felt a bit different.

By being away from Ann Arbor for close to 8.5 month, I realized that I was in between cultures – America and Indonesia. Now, I am getting a little glimpse of what it feels like for those people who are 3rd culture.

Even though my time in Ann Arbor was packed with meetings, it was very refreshing and reinvigorating for me. I met up with various groups of people that are integral to the transition when I return back to the States in July.

I met up with the international students in our church. It was awesome to see all that God was doing with the international students. I shared about the important role that the international students will play in the overall global vision as many of them will return to their country.

It was also good meeting up with the new Executive Team. I am looking forward to partnering with this team to labor for God’s Kingdom.

Overall, my trip to Ann Arbor was a reminder of why we do what we do. It really is the place where we have to keep on making the investment in lives. It is our Antioch (Ac 13:1; 14:26-28) and we need to continue to raise up more people in order to send them out to the nations.

Here are some lessons that I was reminded with in my time at Ann Arbor:

1) God never “needs” us and you realize this when things happen without you.
2) Past successes are no guarantee for future fruitfulness.
3) We must never get comfort.
4) Since God loves His Church, He will always raise up the right people for the right reasons.
5) Never take people for granted, especially those people who have been with you for a long time.
6) You know right away the people you have influenced and the people who still want your influence.
7) Do everything as if it is your first time and your last time.

After this trip to Ann Arbor, I am more focused and resolved for the things that need to happen on my return in July. This might be HMCC 2.0 – growing, evolving, expanding, and transforming.

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