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I am always fascinated to find Koreans in pretty much every part of the world. I don’t know if it is a pioneering spirit that Koreans have or if it is just the desire to jump on various opportunities. But regardless, there are a lot of Koreans in Indonesia. In fact, some people have said that they are the largest ethnic expatriates in Indonesia.

Recently, I had a conversation with a person who deals with Koreans in business. They have articulated something that I have always sensed but never could put a finger on it until now. He mentioned that they are many Koreans who come from Korea and in essence are living large out here in Indonesia. Simply, they were “nobodies” in Korea (or at least lower-class in society) but by coming to Indonesia, they are able to have a life that they have always dreamed about.

They would go golfing, eat at the nice restaurant, and have their drivers drive them around town and have their nannies to watch over their kids. It is truly the good life or so it appears.

But the problem is that there is an aura of arrogance about them.

Now please don’t misunderstand me, I am not trying hate on my own ethnic heritage because I am proud to have a Korean background. Also, I am not a bitter or angry Korean-American who despises all things Korean. In fact, some of the observations are not just with the Koreans, but it is with other ethnic groups who are expats here in Indonesia as well.

I guess more than calling out on one particular ethnic group I want to focus more on the observation of human nature.

I have always mentioned that you can tell a measure of a person’s character by how they respond to privileges. It is not easy handling privileges. Depending on your character, you will either steward it to help others or you will abuse it to serve yourself.

Too often we forget about our humble beginnings. We live as if we have always deserved things.
But when a person really understands the Gospel, they will realize that everything they have is an undeserved gift from God. It causes us to then “act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God” (Mic 6:8).

A person who is known as a nobody but has turned into a somebody will truly reflect a heart of gratitude and service. But if a nobody thinks he is a somebody when they are still a nobody, then they will exude arrogance, which will eventually repel people away.

No wonder Jesus had an attraction about Him.

He was a somebody who became a nobody so that people who are nobodies can be a somebody.

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