Game Night 2009

There are some things in life that are universal. What I mean by universal is simply that no matter what ethnicity or background you are from, there are things that everyone shares in common and understands. Some of those things are laughter and having fun.

Tonight, we held a game night event at the guys’ apartment for the people in Karawaci. My family and I headed out there a bit later but we were able to catch the majority of the fun. It was great seeing people enjoying their time together. We ended up playing some games that the Indonesians were familiar with, such as Pictionary and then, we introduced them to some new games from the States.

Mixing up the groups and having some healthy competition brought everyone together. We are excited about the group of people that God has been bringing out way. Many of them have expressed to us their desire to grow deeper in their relationship with God, as well as to experience a genuine community, which they can be a part of here in Karawaci.

We know that the people that are gathering in our LIFE group are people that God has given to us to build relationships with and to demonstrate the Gospel in a tangible way.

We have some good momentum and we are blessed to be a part of God’s work. More testimonies will come forth in the months to come.
Game Night
One of the new students we’ve met at UPH drawing a picture for their team
Game Night2
The other team’s celebration was a bit pre-mature as we sealed the win at the end 🙂

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