Indonesia’s Independence Day 2009

Boy with Indonesian Flag
Today marked the celebration of Indonesian’s independence from the Netherlands. On Friday 10:00AM, August 17, 1945 the official proclamation was made to the world.

Every August 17th is a joyous occasion for all Indonesians. There are many festivals, parades and activities usually planned for several days to celebrate their day of freedom. They decorate pretty much everything with red and white (the nation’s colors).

Since their declaration of independence is still fairly fresh in the hearts and minds of the people (only 64 years of freedom), they make a day of it and it is quite a sight to see.

For some reason, I am wondering as the years go by if the significance of this day will wear out. In some ways, this is what happened to the United States and our Independence Day (233 years). Now we have relegated July 4th into a day of picnics and fireworks. It is so easy to miss the significance or the impact of something just due to time gone by.

But being here in Indonesia and seeing the joy in the hearts of people, reminded me of the privilege and honor that we, Americans have in the freedom that was given to us 233 some years ago.

Then, I couldn’t help but to think about the freedom we received from sin and death through Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that as I grow older in my journey with Christ that this costly freedom, which was purchased for me with blood will never lose neither its significance nor its impact upon my life.

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