Creativity in Kids

It has been good seeing some families coming out to our gatherings. There is one family with a child that is into painting. In fact, she is only 5 years old. One day when our team walked into their home, we saw a display of all her paintings. It was pretty awesome to see.

Not only was the quality good, but what struck me was the creativity.

There is something about creativity that gets lost as we get older. It seems as if all kids are just naturally creative, and then, as they get older the creativity dissipates. I am curious as to the reason why this is the case.

I am wondering if it is because we have been condition to just do what we are told. Maybe it is because we are afraid of failure. Maybe it is because we just settle for the routine. Maybe we just don’t have the energy to do things outside of the box.

I know for me, sometimes it is because my passion is lacking. For some reason, when I am connected with God, my passion for life and the things of God increase. This is when I am able to tap into my creative side. New ideas come up and new ways to look at things begin to appear.

Sometimes I just need to slow down. The more I am thinking (or worrying) about the next thing, then I do not give the space I need in my mind to create. When my mind is freed up and uncluttered, then I am able to be more creative.

If you look at a child they are passionate about life… they are carefree… they are not worried about tomorrow. Maybe, the more I am like a child, the more creative I can become.
Anya Pics2
A display of some of Anya’s paintings
Anya Pics1
This is her creative painting of a sunflower

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