Valentine’s Day 2009

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There were a lot of people out and about today. Many of them were paired up together. Even at the seafood restaurant where I took Christina, people were coming in as pairs.

I have always wondered why it takes a day called Valentine’s Day to remind couples of their love for one another. Shouldn’t every day be Valentine’s Day? But the reality is that we need these days that are demarcated within our busy schedules. It is easy to go through the routine of everyday life with your spouse that we forget to appreciate one another.

Therefore, minimally, at least once a year, there is a special time when we can express our love and care for the person that has brought into our lives.

I guess it is a lot like retreats or special events within a church. We should love Christ every day, but with the busyness of life it is easy to let our love to slowly dissipate. Therefore, different avenues that allow us to experience Him become a blessing for us.

Conversely, this day is a constant reminder for people who are single that they are still single. For some singles, Valentine’s Day is a day that triggers a greater sense of discontentment with their lives.

But could it be that sometimes we need a day to remind us that Christ is the only One that can fully make us content. We go through life filling our hearts will so many things other than Christ that having one day out of the year to point to the One that can fully satisfy us might not be such a bad thing.

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