TEAM Community Prayer Summit 2008

I am just coming back from our leadership prayer summit. It was awesome coming together as leaders in the church to seek God’s face.

This year we focused in on the whole book of First Thessalonians. I preached on the first chapter the first night and then Pastor Andrew preached on chapter 2 in the morning. Then, we had the leaders journal chapters 3 and 4 in the afternoon. Afterwards they shared some of their convictions with one another. Tonight, I finished off the book by preaching on chapter 5.

We had some powerful times of worship and prayer throughout this summit. If God continues to meet with us like this, then I know we will experience greater things as a church.

I feel like we are now better prepared to do the ministry for this coming year. I kept on reminding the leaders that they were “appointed” and now they are “anointed” to do the ministry. We have been teaching in our church that “everything rises and falls with leadership.”

As we elevate ourselves as leaders, we will see other members in our church get to the next level. We are excited about this new year!

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