Whites in the Minority by 2042

The United States has always prided itself in being a “melting pot.” Now, with the latest predictions by the U.S. Census, it is estimated that by 2042 (in about 34 years) the “Whites” in America will become the minority.

It will be pretty interesting to see how things will play out in terms of prejudice and race relations at that point in history.

But one thing I have been noticing more in various sectors of society is the increase of “minorities” in visible positions. I have noticed that there were more Asian news anchors in the last 5 years. There are already a lot of Latinos in sports and the Asian are slowly penetrating the sports barrier. We have an African-American as the presumptive Democratic nominee. Who would have imagined?

I have also heard more languages spoken over the intercom at airports. Even when I was in Austin and Los Angeles, I realized how dumb I was in taking French in high school (I was trying to be romantic). I should have taken Spanish. There are so many opportunities to have conversations with people who speak Spanish.

The Census has also estimated that there are four states that have a higher “minority” population than the “majority” White population (Hawaii, New Mexico, California, and Texas).

These kinds of statistics are a constant reminder for the Church to not only be multi-ethnic but to develop people who are transcultural.” This is how we are going to reach a whole new generation of people in the United States.

You can read the story here.

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