AMI Pastors’ Summit Update 2

In the afternoon session, we had the opportunity to hear about what God is doing in all of our missionary post around the world. The testimonies were powerful. There were stories of divine connections and appointments, Chinese nationals coming to Christ, business opportunities for missions work, and etc.

It was a fresh reminder that God is constantly at work and He is doing things beyond our own understanding. These are exciting times!

Afterwards, we all went to eat Duk Bo Sam. There are just some foods here in L.A. that are just ridiculous. Man, we have never seen that much food. Then we stopped by a new yogurt craze called Yogurtland. It is like the famous Pinkberry and Red Mango stores. But the only difference is that you serve yourself (which can be dangerous) and then you pay by the weight. This is a great idea in light of our generation that want individualized choices. This store will do well if it opened up in Ann Arbor, Austin or Chicago.

After we nearly died of food coma, we pushed through to have another session. We went around and shared what God was doing in our churches and then we ended up praying for one another. The summit has been great.

Today, I will be heading back to Ann Arbor. I am trying to get on an earlier flight so that I can spend more time with my family.

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