I Need You Now

Smokie Norful is one of my favorite Gospel singers. There are Gospel singers and then there are “Gospel singers.” He doesn’t just sing a song, but many times Smokie uses the piano and his voice to prophetically communicate God’s promises and truth.

This morning as I was praying and getting ready for our Sunday Celebration, I was ministered to by his song, “I Need You Now.” Smokie said that this song was birthed out of pain and a crisis in his life. He said, “I was crying out to God and realizing my total dependence on Him, and ultimate victory through Him.”

For some reason this morning I am feeling a greater need for God like never before. In light of everything that is going on with our church (the purchase and renovation of our building) and the new season of ministry that is quickly approaching, the Spirit reminded me of the need for God’s Presence and Power in my life.

Smokie sang this song in a prophetic way that ministered, not only to me but to the people in the video (even T.D. Jakes had to get up and praise God). I would love to see more worship leaders, who are able to speak God’s truths spontaneously through the universal language of music, minister to God’s people in power.

Check out the video.

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