Getting Back to Work

It is always hard to step back into the rhythm of things after a long trip halfway across the world. But coming home to a family that has missed you and with various things pressing for your immediate attention causes you to get focused.

Yesterday, I spent some time with the family. We all had the opportunity to update each other on what was happening in our lives. This is a habit that I want to build up in our home because it teaches the kids the importance of being involved with one another even though we were separated by distance.

One of the things that blessed me when I came back was the fact that so many people helped out with the renovation for the new office and the Transformation Center. Christina told me how my whole family helped pack all my books and things from the old office. Then some guys from the church helped move all the furniture and the books to the new office.

We are looking forward to moving our operations to the new Transformation Center office space. This reminded me that this is truly a team effort. We are going to get things ready for a harvest of people who will experience true transformation as they experience the Gospel.
New Office.JPG
Most of the furniture are in place and now I have to fill it up with my books and things

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