Till Death Did They Part

It is hard to imagine being married for 50 years, let alone 75 years, but J.C. and Josie Cox from Texas have hit that milestone of 75 years. It is longer than what most people will live in their lifetime.

I wonder how their lives changed over the years. When I think about the last 12 years with Christina, I am amazed how much marriage has changed me for the better. We have also talked about growing old together and walking along the beach (or maybe sitting on a bench near the beach) as we old and gray.

The commitment of “until death do us part” is not easy. There were times where we both felt frustrated, hurt and even angry at one another. But we had to constantly remind ourselves of the commitment that we made before God, our family and friends on our wedding day.

This is why it was encouraging to hear how J.C and Josie Cox not only stayed married for 75 years together but they died five hours apart. They truly could not live without one another.

You can watch the CNN’s video of their inspiring story.

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