Backward Masking

In the early 1980’s with the rise of the holiness movement, people were encouraged to throw away their secular records (we did not have CD’s or mp3 back then). Some of the youth pastors and Christian leaders held “Rock & Roll Seminars” to explain the various dangers of listening to secular music. One specific aspect of these seminars that I will never forget is the backward masking. This is when they would play a song “backwards” (one of the advantages of having a record album). Some of the songs had subliminal messages, whether it was purposely put in there or “influenced by Satan.” Either way, it got our attention.

Now, I have to confess that afterwards I was on a mission to tell everyone about the new discovery. Later, I even gave some of the same seminars when I was a youth pastor, but by that time CD’s were in therefore I had to talk more about the lyrics of a song.

Nevertheless, it was pretty weird how a song can be played backwards and there would be a message. This is why when someone forwarded this YouTube video it brought back a flood of memory (good and bad).

This guy is pretty good.

You have to listen to the whole thing first, even though you don’t know what he is singing.

Check it out.

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