John Piper in an article called, “A Church-Based Hope for ‘Adultolescents’” uses this term coined by Christian Smith, a professor of sociology at Notre Dame. It describes a phenomenon that is occurring in the United States, as well as other developing countries. It is simply the “postponement of adulthood into the thirties.” Smith explains that […]

“Unleashed” Sermon Series

        I am excited about starting a new sermon series for the start of this 2008 year. Awhile back, the staff and I were talking about the lack of knowledge and even the preconceived notions we have about the Holy Spirit. Sadly to say, we often times refer to Him as an […]

College Students – All Hype?

There was an interesting article yesterday in the Michigan Daily, the UM student newspaper. They titled it, “Students Could Tip Race – If They Show Up.” They gave a list of all the former candidates for presidents who banked on students to win the presidency. But history tells the stark reality that often times students […]

The Depravity of Man in Kenya

        In John Piper’s explanation of the five points of Calvinism, he explains total depravity of man in four aspects. He writes, “Total depravity means that our rebellion against God is total, everything we do in this rebellion is sin, our inability to submit to God or reform ourselves is total, and […]

Off Season and Game Season

I have been sharing with people that there are a lot of parallels to sports and our Christian life. In fact, this is the reason why we see a good handful of examples given in the Bible by Apostle Paul. When we are “in season” we are constantly in training, in practice and in games. […]

New Beginnings 2008

Yesterday, Christina and I sat down and set some new goals for our marriage, our family and our sphere of influence. This is something that we have always done from the start of our marriage back in 1996. This gives us a purpose and a target to strive for throughout the new year… without it […]

Happy New Year 2008

What a day. Snowed in with Michigan’s crazy winters. Made phone calls to family members to wish them a Happy New Year. Enjoyed a traditional Korean rice cake soup. A Michigan Wolverine win against Florida Gators. Hanging out with family the whole day. Played some games with 3 competitive kids and one competitive woman. Evaluated […]

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