OCR 2007

Tonight we had our first gathering for Operation Campus Reach (OCR). For those of you who don’t know what OCR is – it is an event where we gather as many HMCC students as possible to come early to school in order to be trained in reaching out to the new students who will be arriving to campus.

There are so many voices that are calling out to the new students and we want them to at least hear God’s voice calling out to them. As people get trained in evangelism and outreach, we then actively reach out to the students by inviting them to the various church gatherings for the first few weeks of school.

This first meeting of OCR is always crucial and it even sets the tone for the whole week – if not the whole month of September.

For some reason this first meeting of OCR was a bit different from the previous years. I think one reason is that I feel God has been putting more of a hunger for me to seek Him. Also, with the participants that we have there is a sense of anticipation that I haven’t felt for some time.

We spend some quality time praying for this coming week and we even prayed for God’s anointing on our lives. It was powerful to see people laying their hands on one another and praying for God to anointing. It reminded me of the early Church when they laid their hands on one another and commissioned people to do the ministry.

The harvest is truly plentiful as I am already seeing so many international students here on campus. The new students will be coming in about a few days. The harvest field will only increase, therefore we want to be prepared and ready to be a blessing.

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