A Journey of Faithfulness

During my personal retreat, I had the opportunity to visit the Billy Graham Library. I have visited the Billy Graham Center Museum in Wheaton many times before. But this was my first time at his library. I have always been inspired by the life and the legacy of Billy Graham.

There is a basic introduction to the life of Billy Graham towards the beginning of the tour. Then, you are free to look at various things throughout the rest of the library. There were a lot of personal items that were on display. It was incredible to see all the lives that he touched with the Gospel.

One theme that rang throughout the tour is his single purpose in life which was to preach the Gospel. I am wondering what would happen if every professing Christian would make that their life’s goal?
Billy Graham Library.JPG
The library was made to look like a barn which reflects Billy Graham’s rural background
Billy Graham's House.JPG
This was a replica of Billy Graham’s actual boyhood home
Billy Graham Passport.JPG
These were some of his personal belongings during his travels – his briefcase, bible, and passport
Billy Graham Purpose.JPG
A reminder of his one purpose in life

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