2007 Breakaway Soccer Season

I am a little bummed about not being able to play this summer for HMCC’s Breakaway Soccer league. Since I will be out most of July, I will be missing this season. Over the years, I have seen this ministry grow in great ways. It has become more international in flavor and it has also been more missional.

There are people who will never step into the four walls of the church, but they will definitely be interested in playing a game that they are passionate about. As other Christ’s followers are playing along with them side by side, we are praying that biblical community can be built and relationships can be formed.

There is something about this universal sport of “football” that causes people to come together. I am hoping that this will be a great avenue for people to share Christ’s love. Regardless of your skill level, I want to encourage all of you sign up and be a part of the movement.
Check out Breakaway’s promo video… it is pretty inspiring a la Joga Benito style.

Who are those two little dudes in the video?! 🙂

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