18 Hours and Counting

As the start of the 10K race is approaching, I am getting the same feelings that I use to get the day before big games. People are saying, “It’s JUST a 10K race, Pastor Seth” (I can see their eyes wanting to roll).

Well, this is going to be the start of a journey of some other goals I want to accomplish. I am thinking that a marathon will be next… then an Iron-Man 70.3.

I finalized the music on my playlist for my iPod.

Christina thinks I am crazy. I timed each song according to where I will be during the race – I have each mile covered. Some parts of the race, I will need music that will motivate me to push myself. Here is a glimpse of the songs I have on my playlist: “Eye of the Tiger” (holla, all you Rocky fans), “We Are the Champion” (the techno version), “I Believe I Can Fly,” and the execution scene of William Wallace in the Braveheart movie (I know, I know, but this will play on the last mile when I feel like I am going to die… haha!).